Sunday, January 9, 2011

mayhem disquised as fluff

Abi had cheer practice today and the weather had been fine here all morning. About 30 minutes after Alex left to take her to practice, the snow started pouring down. Abi called around 2:30 and said they ended her practice early and she needed us to pick her up. I called Alex and he said he was on his way to get her. A few minutes later, he called and said the roads were bad and he has slid into someone at a stop sign. He was going really slow and the other car was stopped but it still caused quiet a bit of damage. It took a while for him and Abi to get back home and several more sliding incidents. It has been a terrible day for travelling!
 I am beyond thankful that he and Abi made it home safely and we do not plan to leave again until Tuesday. And I enjoy the Mayhem insurance commercials on tv. Hence the blog entry title.  

And after they got home, we decided to go out and enjoy it a little.

I cooked homemade chili in the crock pot and we made a spice cake. We also had some hot cocoa. It's been a snuggly kind of day.

Please be safe if you get out. But after the day we had regarding travelling, don't go if you don't have to!

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