Monday, January 17, 2011

sometimes i just need my momma and some Jesus

This was my thought while driving home from picking Abi up at cheer practice tonight. As a "grown up", do you still have moments where you just really need a hug from your mom and to talk it all out? Boy I do. I have been ready to throw in the towel with living away from my family and pack up to move back to Newhope.
The stress seems to come in waves sometimes. I know better than to sit around and worry about it. But I just can't help myself at times.  I have so many things on my to do list for this year. And being a better Christian is on the top. We heard a great sermon at PVCC yesterday morning about building a stronger family. The message was that if faith, hope, and love are the foundation of your family, then you can not fail. Times like this bring me to my knees and remind me of what I should have been focusing on all along. Don't worry, there are no life threatening illnesses or anything like that going on. Just some difficult things that our family is going through at the moment. Things that I imagine most families go through. If you don't have too long of a prayer list, could you add us to it?  I pray that whatever struggles we go through bring us closer together as a family and does not divide and conquer us.

I think I'll break out the Bible for a study now and hang on until I can get to my momma for that hug.


Nanna Nette said...

How sweet! I wish I was there to give you that hug you need! Until then know that I love you very much and I need your hugs too. I was thinking last night that I don't think I have saw you since Christmas!!!! Your lives are so busy with three active girls that I know it is hard. You are looking to the best counselor you can have, Jesus! Call me if you get a minute and need to talk. If I need to make a trip to give you that hug, It's only a couple hrs. away and I can do that! Love you bunches!! Hang in there you are doing a wonderful job!

Darla VanBibber said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing a “momma” hug. I can’t imagine the stress you have with 3 small active girls and no family to help. I know you are doing a wonderful job!! Hang in there and I will keep you in my prayers!!