Friday, January 7, 2011

gotta love those Hogs

Alex and I had a very interesting experience by going to the Sugar Bowl. We encountered some strange people and met people that are from our area. We had such a great time and savored the small things. Like, not making thirty trips to the restroom, not loading and unloading kids from car seats, not worrying about the little ones getting into the street or worrying about what they would see on the streets of NOLA.

We had an amazing time and, even though we didn't win, I am so grateful for the opportunity that Alex and I had to get away. I don't think I realized how much we needed that time until we left. It is so important for couples to take care of themselves and not get completely consumed and lost in the stress of everyday life.
p.s. Olivia was not the most pleasant child to deal with yesterday when I had to run errands and during her gym class, but I have to give credit to the grandparents because she has not cried or screamed once when it is bed/nap time since she has been home. She's even sweet when it's time to lay down. What is your secret?

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