Sunday, January 9, 2011

lost nola photos

These little dolls are our nieces. These are Becky's daughters, Hannah and Victoria. We went to visit them before we went to our hotel Monday afternoon. They don't live far from Nola.

Gross. Alex got shrimp, whole. He de-shelled them in front of me and I swear this bug eyed one kept looking at me while I ate my po' boy. Ick.
This is Livi with Aliyah (I'm not sure how she spells it). Livi loves this little doll. We went to church at Daisy on Sunday night before we left  and Olivia was excited when she saw Leah come in.

This man was real (I think). I told Alex he was going to use the money he made for more silver spray paint.

Razorback HQ for junk.

I followed this guy down the street to the Sugar Bowl so I could get a picture
 of his "Oh no! Please say he didn't wear that in public." pants.

We went out to get the car on Tuesday morning and this was the parking lot. Ridiculous.

I would like to describe the atmosphere following the Sugar Bowl. Tons of disappointed Razorback fans filled the streets of New Orleans. Buckeye fans were being tacky and tasteless (as they had been all evening). They were "sore winners" as I like to call them.

Alex and I made it back to our room and were getting ready for bed (it was around midnight). I heard people outside and it sounded like people were calling the hogs. I looked out of our 11th floor window and saw crowds of people still walking down the street from the game and they were "Woo Pig Soooiiieee-ing" it. It was so sweet. I had chills. I am so proud that we are in Razorback Country!
We have the best fans ever.

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