Wednesday, December 1, 2010

growing up and letting go...a little bit

Ok, so, all of you out there know the story of our family (and if you don't, go back to October of 2008 and check it out). We always have our paranoid radar on when we are out with the kids locally because their biological family still lives in the area. And I'm pretty sure I've discussed it before, but as a reminder, I don't want people to think that we have a fear of our children knowing they are adopted. Abi and KayKay know their history. They were 4 and 5 when they came to live with us and remember most of the details and Olivia will know when she is big enough to understand. Our fear, is that our children will bump into the people that hurt them and that our children will be traumatized all over again. With all of that being said, we no longer shop at local Wal-Marts or go to a lot of fast food restaurants because their bio's frequented these locations. When it was time for public school, every horrible thing possible ran through our minds: what if their bio's tried to pick them up from school? What if the girls went with them because they remembered them? We made sure that their teachers were aware of our situation and we are VERY consistent with who picks them and drops them off. The staff at their school know our vehicles and the school has their own safety precautions of course. We have dropped off and picked the girls up for the last three years.  I talked with the girls about riding the school bus earlier this week and Makayla gave me a big grin and a "thumbs up" when I asked if they wanted to try riding the bus. Today was the day.

I was nervous that bigger kids on the bus would pick on them or that they would get on the wrong bus (personal traumatizing experience with that one in Kindergarten). I worried that they would run in the road when they got off the bus or they would get seperated and be scared. Yup....I was the only one of us that was worried about anything.

Here comes the bus over the hill:

The bus ride went smooth and they ran home smiling! And in the last two photos, they couldn't wait to tell me about their bus riding experience.

This was a baby step to the things that I will have to start letting go of as they grow. And I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be their Momma.

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Lori Harper said...

Oh Bethany! This one made me cry. How thankful I am that you are all together as a family. God knows how to put together the perfect family!