Friday, December 31, 2010

bravo! + shopping

We met Alex during his lunch break on Thursday at Bravo! It was a drizzly icky kind of day, but we didn't let that slow down our shopping!

We walked over to Justice after eating so that Abi and KayKay could spend the gift cards that their Nan got them for Christmas. Abi put on a little fashion show for us and I told her that Nana would like the sweater that she picked out. It was on sale and has lavender in it.

 These next couple of pictures cracked me up. While I was waiting on Makayla to come out of the dressing room, Olivia and Abi went to explore in the store. They found a section that had whoopie cushions and, when I walked up, Olivia was mashing on Abi while she sat on the cushion in order to make the fart sound.

I had to provide quiet a bit of guidance with Makayla in picking out practical clothing. Oh my, the things she was picking out were awful. And I couldn't help but remember the looks that my mom would give me when she saw some of the things I used to pick out.
For some reason, I never could convince her that the items I chose were fashionable.

And speaking of fashionable, I just discovered a store called Anthropologie in the outlet we were shopping in. Why has no one told me about this place before??
It. was. wonderful. If you come across this shop, go in!

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