Friday, December 31, 2010

he came!

Our Christmas tree with Santa's gifts left under it. He even wrote each girl a note this year!
Abi got Felicity's best friend, Elizabeth! And she's reading Santa's note in the picture. Makayla was moving around in the picture so it's all fuzzy. There will be several photos like that I imagine! (hint hint for a future birthday gift)

Olivia got an over stuffed pink rocker. And she didn't really care about her note from Santa. :)

And Makayla had this note in the tree....It told her that Santa couldn't fit her gift down the chimney so he needed her to follow the candy canes to find her present.
There were candy canes on the floor that led to the deck doors. We opened the doors and went down the steps to the swing set. And just past the swing set was.....

All of the girls were excited to see the playhouse. But Abi is such a prissy pants! She stood on the deck with a blanket wrapped around herself and I had to tell her to come down and be excited for her sister. She snarled her nose and tip toed the whole way out to see it. Good grief!

And now for random photos of the girls opening their other gifts.

Now on to the event that I know you have been anticipating all Christmas season:
                                What did the girls buy us from Santa Shop this year?????

Please excuse the blurry pictures (ahem):

Here is Alex opening up his gift from Abi.

And now opening Makayla's gift to him. He notices a trend

They both got him coffee mugs that say "Super Dad". It's something fantastic every year!
Makayla loves rudolph this year. She got some rudolph slippers and gloves.

                                       I got Alex an Arkansas Razorback commemorative watch.
And Alex got me a Coach wallet with a gift card. I also got the Bruno Mars cd, which I love.

Time for stockings!!!

I put stockings off for half of the day after opening gifts because it is a symbol. Stockings are done last in our family and then it's over. Christmas is officially over. And now I have to wait a whole year to do it again.
So, in the mean time, I will plan birthday parties!!


I got them pens that smell. Makayla's smells like bubble gum.

Alex got a package of 1/2 pound each Reese's cups in his stocking. I couldn't wait for him to open that bad boy! He was in shock (and horror I believe).

We had a great Christmas at home. And the count down begins to next year! (But I would like it if 2011 didn't go by quiet as fast as 2010).

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