Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas gravy---the chocolate kind

Good morning!! Christmas morning at Nana's went a little differently for us this year. Makayla is holding her money from the tooth fairy, who visited her the night before. We had our chocolate gravy breakfast but didn't get to lounge around in our pj's all day as usual. Alex's granny had Christmas lunch at her house that day and Seth had plans with Rachel. So, we ate, got ready, and headed out our separate ways.
We had a good meal at Big Granny's and the girls played. They got some good gifts and enjoyed visiting with family.

Chocolate gravy! Yummmmmm

And then Alex thought he would be cute while I was devouring my breakfast and smear chocolate gravy on my face. What a waste of delicousness....

and he was so proud of himself.

They had make up in their stockings. That kept them busy for quiet a while.

Helen, from church at Daisy, gave the girls a bag of cute stuffed animals.
And there had to be wrestling!

Poppa got the girls a go kart! They weren't really sure how to react. But when it was time to drive it, they were very excited.

Poppa got "thank you" hugs.

Makayla was worried that it was going to be loud.

They loved riding and driving the new toy.

Funny story: Alex was riding while Abi drove. He was half way down the road when we heard him yelling at Abi, "LET UP ON IT! LET UP ON IT!". Alex is not much of a yeller. This made the situation even more funny. It is probably one of those "ya had to be there" moments.

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