Sunday, December 12, 2010

thank heaven for Nan

My mom sacrificed her weekend to keep our little rascals for us! I guess I should start at the beginning.

I saw that A Christmas Story was being performed at The Rep in downtown Little Rock. Jason Harper was on Ch 7 talking about it and Alex loves that movie. He watches it every year and tries to catch the marathon that they have on tv around Christmas time. He has been out of town a lot and I thought it might be nice if I had my mom keep the kids and surprise him.

After Abi's cheer competition on Saturday, we walked to the car and proceeded to get the girls luggage out for them to go with their Nan. Alex was shocked and not sure what was going on. We typically discuss these types of arrangements and he was completely caught off guard. We sent the girls off with Nana and then shopped around a little. Alex decided it would be fun to go watch a movie. So, we went to watch the new Narnia movie and then really went wild by eating supper at IHOP at 9 pm!! We had a really great evening together.

I asked Alex if we could eat somewhere downtown in LR after church this morning to "try something new". He agreed and we drove to Little Rock. I was trying to figure out how I was going to get us to The Rep during the entire drive because I am HORRIBLE with directions. We had lunch at the Flying Fish and I was quickly trying to text a friend and google how to get to the Rep from where we were. The wind was freezing outside when we left the restaurant. I wanted to pretend to window shop but the wind was breath taking. We opted to get in the car and drive until we saw something that we wanted to do. I finally found the Rep but ended up driving past it because we were an hour early. Then I got lost again and couldn't figure out how to get back to the theater. Alex had no idea what was going on or what on earth I was driving around muttering for. I finally found the theater again and we parked. We crossed the street at the Rep and Alex finally noticed the Christmas Story posters in the window and figured out what I had done. He seemed pretty excited once we got in the building and he began to see items from the movie scattered around the lobby. We both really enjoyed the play and needed the time for us. Thank you Nan!!! We are so glad to have you and to be at ease knowing our girls are being well taken care of.

p.s. There is going to be a drawing for someone to win the leg lamp. Alex is already thinking about where he is going to put it.......guess I need to be using up all of the glue now in the chance that he wins it and it accidentally "breaks".

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