Saturday, August 28, 2010

PJ's & Cotham's

Olivia loves Jesse from Toy Story. She got these pj's at the Disney Store and is pretty proud of them. The look on her face also shows a frequent state of being for her. She is kind of a whiney 3 1/2 year old. She was pretty outgoing when we were in Alabama. She spoke to everyone that got on the elevators with us but now she hides behind my leg most of the time when people talk to her. She continues to amaze me with these 1/2 ages.

On to other exciting news, Alex came home this week! Don't get too excited, it was just for 3 days. But hey, we will take what we can get. He got home on Tuesday and left today to go back to the Gulf. He had several things on his agenda that he wanted to do while he was back in town. One of them was to get a hubcap burger from Cotham's. We had several nice outings with him while he was home. By the way, the fried green tomatoes at Cotham's were wonderful! You should try them if you get a chance.

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