Thursday, August 19, 2010

The End and Beginning

Ice cream was our treat to ourselves on our last night in Daphne. It was just the girls (which is typically the case). Abi had mint chocolate chip (her new favorite, just like her Uncle Seth), Livia had black cherry with M &M's, and KayKay had banana flavored ice cream with KitKat's. They all definitley have their own personality.

Before we went out for ice cream, I had Olivia lay down to try to rest. She cried and complained and then all of a sudden, quiet. I got tickled at how she chose to go out.

And once we completed the drive that wouldn't end, I got to unload, sort through, and put away all this mess! What was I thinking??

And then it was time for school to start! I began the routine lunch packing last night. It felt so strange to be packing lunches again so soon. I packed the girls a special treat for their first day back to school.
Abi started 2nd grade today and KayKay 1st. I walked them in and met their teachers. I think they are going to have a great year! Olivia is still confused sometimes about why her sisters are at school and she is not. But we had a really great day together today just me and Livi.

I hope everyone had a smooth transition back to the busy school year!

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