Saturday, August 14, 2010

Perdido Key

We have been staying busy in Alabama. Olivia loves the Bass Pro Shop and asks to go to the "goldfish store" every day. So far this trip we have been twice.  I took the girls to see Ramona and Beezus and they liked it. It was a cute movie. It may be one to own when it comes out on dvd.

We have been trying to plan a beach day all week. We put it off in hopes that Alex would get a day off and could go with us but it didn't happen. So I decided that if we were going to go then we better just do it. The weather has been hit or miss with storms this week. The weather online has been calling for a high percentage of storms each day. I decided that we were going today whether it rained or not. And if it rained in Pensacola, we would just go to the Tanger Outlet instead! Good plan, huh?

We headed out driving towards Pensacola this morning and ended up at Perdido Key, FL. I loved it. It reminded me of when my mom and dad took my brother and I when we were kids. Cat tails were growing up and the sand was so white! Of course there were swarms of workers cleaning up tar balls and driving up and down the coast, but we found a spot all to ourselves. The sand was piled high and I planted myself right on top of it because the waves were coming in high today as well.

The girls played and played in the sand. Abi would talk KayKay and Olivia into joining her to sit in the shallow waves as they splashed in. She put her arm around them and explained that "it's ok. Just sit here. It won't get you." I don't know if I mentioned that I subjected the girls to "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel and now they have seen first hand that a shark will gnaw your legs off. They are a little more skeptical of going very far into the ocean now, and Olivia never fails to ask "is there sharks in it, Momma?"

This is Abi laughing because she kept wiggling her toes and uncovering the sand.
The girls spotted a rainbow in the clouds. It spread farther as the clouds parted.
We shopped at the Tanger Outlet after swimming and now I need someone to get all of the sand and sticky ocean water feeling out of my vehicle. :)

Alex brought me some chocolate covered strawberries and the girls some sour gummi bears yesterday. Here the vultures are swarming around the bag.

Have a great weekend!

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