Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bowling, Beautifying, and Baking

Bowling was on the to do list for when Alex was in town. We met up with Nan and Pop at Central Lanes and had a nice evening.

Alex was helping the girls master the art of bowling.

I don't think she quiet got the hang of it.

I love this picture.

And I love these girls.

And she loves her Nana.

We SO enjoyed our time together and always look forward to meeting up again.

Now on to the "beautifying" part of this entry.
It was time for haircuts and Makayla has been pretty excited that she actually got to take some length off of her hair. It makes brushing it out much less painful for her.
This is before she got it cut.
Can you see the curls on the floor?

And then there was baking!
The girls and I ventured into Williams Sonoma about a month ago. It smelled yummy in there. They lured us in with Carrot Spice Bread and we HAD to have it! Makayla baked some up the other day and it is so delicious. It makes me dream of fall.

Okay, I've uploaded enough pictures for one night.

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