Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brent's Birthday Bash

Brent turned 28 this year. He is so funny about getting older. He worries and stresses about it. And, like last year, I had to torture him some more.
I tried to plan a suprise party for him (don't think the suprise part worked out), but all of the family got together at the Newhope Grill and had lunch together. It was good to see everyone.

ALL of my granny's 7 grandkids were there and most of her great grandkids were there. We tried to get pictures of all of the great's and it was kind of a mess. :)

Olivia and her silly uncle.

My granny even got up on a chair and sang happy birthday! She snapped her fingers, kicked her feet, and shook her booty.
Brent was afraid she was going to fall.
The birthday boy.

The party was fun and I hope Brent has another fun year as he gets closer to 3-0!

P.S. I hope you enjoy this napkin as much as I did. These were for Brent's party.

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