Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Last Day for Vaca

Foley has a HUGE Tanger Outlet Mall. We spotted this neat water play area when we came on Saturday. I knew in my head that coming back here was on my agenda before we left to go back home. We came back out today and the girls had a blast!
This picture cracks me up. She is so serious about those silly bands. She did not want them to get "slippery" and was informing me that I was going to hold them for her.

This covered play area was right next to the water. We would rotate between playing at each of them and I even got to have some "play time" in the Osh Kosh store.

All of the activities were free except for the merry-go-round and guess what the girls kept begging to do?
So we did.
It's been a good day. We are hoping Alex can come home a little early ( it has been between 8 and 9 at night, sometimes later, before he gets in) so that we can go get some ice cream together.

Have a great Monday and we will be headed back to Arkansas in the morning.

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