Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Righting a Wrong

I took my gripe about the false advertising to the email. I emailed the Kid's Directory and they sent me an apologetic email. It was very kind. Apparently they forwarded my email to the museum, who, in turn, emailed me and offered to mail us family passes to the museum. I was appreciative and hope that they don't think ill of me. But I am proud to see them try to right this wrong.

Olivia is talking so much more. She says "Abi" clear as day. It's no longer "Aba". She says "LOOK! LOOK!" when she wants us to see something. Her hair seems so much thicker today. She will be two on Friday. I can not believe it.

Abi and Makayla are wrestling like Seth and I used to at this age. They are fighting over a toy baby bottle. Abi has been laying on the couch with the nipple of the bottle in her belly button and claims to be feeding her belly button. So now Makayla wants to do it too. I am trying more and more to stay out of their bickerments (is that a word?) and let them duke it out. Makayla is like me and doesn't know when to stop. They are at the age where they need to problem solve on their own. Conflict-resolution.

Alex should be home Friday. :o)

Have a good night!


The Harper Family said...

That is just what I would have done. Josh laughs at me if something goes wrong or I see something on tv that I don't like...I'll fire off an email. I'm constantly sending emails to Disney! LOL Good job!

.......and Friday is near!

The Hills said...

Thanks Lori. I felt like a brat for even speaking up, but I felt bad for my friends that I invited because it was supposed to have been free.

I hope your week is going great!

Nanna Nette said...

Are you saying that you are payin' for your raisin'! Ha! It only gets worse, baby girl. It is all worth it, though. Luv U!