Sunday, February 8, 2009

Home Away From Home

Megan came over Friday night and spent the night so that she could watch the girls for me while I had my (super early) hair cut. She is the best! And so is Beth, the girl that does my hair. They are both blessings in this crazy mothers life!

We went in to see the family back home this weekend. We didn't get to stay long it seemed, but it was a great time. Nana cooked supper for all of us and Memaw came over to eat. A good family visit is always wonderful.
Olivia has become much more verbal and she enjoyed interupting the men leading prayers at church Sunday morning. Everytime they paused to take a breath during the prayer, she was shouting "Amen". I think that was their cue to wrap it up. Lol. So, for all of you long winded, public prayers, even the little ones notice. I'm just kidding!! There's no such thing as a prayer that lasts too long.
Olivia also noticed that Abi was laying down on the pew with Livi's blanket over her and she began to shout "Night Night". I think she was glad that it was Abi laying down for a "night night" and not her.
Speaking of Abi: she is sick now. Running fever, cough, runny nose, headache, stomache ache. She says her stomache hurts but as soon as I can get her fever to go down she is jumping around like a wild indian. I am going to try to get her in to see a doctor tomorrow, but we all know how CAPC can be.
There's not really a whole lot else to blog about tonight. Alex is still gone and may be for another two weeks. I like to try to keep updates on here for him to see the kids.
I have a few pictures of the new Minnie Mouse pj's that Nana got Livi and then some pics before church this morning.

Night Night Poppa

The Ladies

Look at the gorgeous eyes on that child.

Abi and her stinkin (literally) ladybugs! :o)

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