Thursday, February 5, 2009

Giggles and Grins

Makayla and I went leotard shopping yesterday after we got groceries. She had so much fun. Giggling and grinning the whole time. Her and Abi have pictures coming up soon and they usually just wear work out gear. So we needed something for pictures.
It was fun.

I was watching tv today and Olivia was sitting in the floor with a remote that we have given her to play with. It was an old one that didn't work with the tv anymore. She picked up the remote and pointed it at the tv. She then pushed the buttons with her thumb(like we do), looked at me, and said "pung bob". I died laughing! She is learning too much from her sisters. She is also very interested in Abigail's fish, Miss Meriweather (the one that is really a Mr.) I moved the fish in to the kitchen and got her a new glass bowl because her other one had a crack in it and was leaking. When Olivia notices the fish swimming around she hollers "pish! pish!"
I can't even remember all of the new things that she is doing these days.

Abigail is doing well in her new gymnastics class. She moved into the big gym and out of the Tumble Stars gym. She loves it as well. Her behavior is on the upward swing at school. She has had a rough couple of weeks with her attitude and keeping her hands to herself.

Makayla is growing up too! She is much more vocal and emotional than she used to be(which is a good thing). She used to only have one emotion, oblivion. lol. She is in her room right now telling Abi, " I am so mad at you! Don't talk to her, Olivia. She's mean." I am so proud to hear them handling their own dilemmas.

We are doing well. I have been sick this week and Olivia is still not 100%, but we are making it!
Please continue to pray for my family in the loss of Tim, and all of the other families across the globe that are losing and have lost loved ones.

And this random picture of Olivia is becaue I liked her outfit. Lol. She looks like a little emo child, I know. But it's adorable on her. This was her and her waffle before we headed out to take Abi to school and get groceries.

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Nanna Nette said...

I vote for the second one. Makayla is so pretty and photogenic!! It is amazing how fast they are growing.