Monday, February 9, 2009

Boo Boo

Her new big thing is telling me that she has a boo boo and showing it to me constantly. This is her pointing out the latest boo boo on her foot.

Poppa Rock, Uncle Seth, and Brent were up to visit today. It was great having adult company. We have had a good time.

But it looks like all we did was lay around....they were dropping like flies.

A good friend is having a baby shower tomorrow and I made the cake for it. I have pictures but will wait to post after the shower. Would hate to ruin the surprise!
Still missin you Alex. ...

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The Harper Family said...

We need to get our babies together. Jed is always showing me a new booboo and blaming it on someone in the house! LOL

The picture of Seth just cracks me up. He looks like he crashed in the middle of playing a game! LOL