Monday, February 16, 2009

False Advertising

Karen, Sharon, Leslie, and Khennedy drove up from Arkadelphia to go to the Discovery Museum in Little Rock with us on Sunday. We left Nana's house as soon as church was over to rush up to Little Rock to meet them. Typically the second Sunday of every month from 1-5 is free admission to the museum, but in this month's Kid's Directory it was advertised that the free Sunday was going to be Feb 15th.
We arrive at the Museum and there is a sign posted on the door saying that there was a misprint in the Kid's Directory and admission WAS going to be charged. What?! Ridiculous! Everyone had driven such a long way to let the kiddos play. So we payed the $30 (per family) to enter the museum. Now, I understand that mistakes are made. But I do feel like the advertisement should have been honored. It all seems a bit tacky to me.

Nonetheless, we all had a good time.

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Nanna Nette said...

Looks like they had fun! Wow Leslie and Khennedy are growing up. Time flies, huh?!