Monday, October 27, 2008

Feels like a Family Day

Alex was off work today becasue he has been gone so much lately. Abi had Parent/Teacher Conferences and Alex wanted to go to it because he isn't around much for anything. The meeting went well. Abi's teacher said she is learning quickly and is very bright. She is also well behaved. She has a little bit of an issue keeping her hands to herself, as in, she likes to hug everyone that she sees whether they want it or not. ;o) Reminds me a little bit of my Pepaw. So, I don't consider that a bad trait.
Alex then took Abi to PetCo and let her buy anything she wanted with some money that we gave her for making good choices. She picked out a beta fish and decided to name it Miss Merriweather. Alex then informed her that the fish was a boy. And Abi began to cry and say that she thought the fish was a girl. She had really struggled to come up with the perfect name for it and now daddy had ruined it. I told Alex that he had better tell Abi that he read the box wrong and that the fish, in fact, was a girl. So he did. He lied to our child to make her happy. Lol. We have a long road of hormones in our future with three girls. She has been hollering down the hallway every little bit asking "Hey Momma, How is Miss Merriweather doing?"
So, while Alex and Abi did their thing, I took KayKay and Livi to Babies-R-Us to pick up a baby shower gift and a birthday present for a party the girls were invited to. We had a great time. It was a really nice, laid back day.
I just have to say again, that God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. Family is the most important thing in the world.


Jessica said...

I stumbled across your blog through facbook, and it sounds like you all are leading a wonderful life! Congrats on becoming parents, they are beautiful!
Take care and I look forward to keeping up with your blog!
Jessica (Whisenhunt) Hrabal

Jesters said...

Bethany, what a great way to let us all keep up with your busy family. I loved looking at the pictures and this way we can watch the girls grow up.
Love to you all,
Uncle Tim & Aunt Pam