Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wonderful Friends

Last night my good friend Karen came up from Arkadelphia and brought her 2 nieces, Leslie and Khennedy. I met Karen at the Pediatric Specialty Care (now Ascent Children's Health Services) in Arkadelphia when she began working there a couple of years ago. I quickly got to know her family and began keeping her niece Leslie a lot. I took her on lots of trips to go see Alex when he was traveling. We took her to Memphis, New Orleans, and Oklahoma to name a few. She was with us every other weekend and some holidays too.

So, Karen brought them up to go to a Halloween Bash at the Wonder Place. We got all 5 girls dressed up in their Halloween costumes and headed out. Abigail was a ghost, Makayla was a cow, Olivia was Raggedy Anne, Khennedy was a cat, and Leslie was a witch

They did art projects, played EVERYWHERE, and enjoyed splashing in the water. They also had several contests going on. The categories were:Scariest, Cutest, and Most Original. Olivia won Cutest along with a little boy dressed up as Curious George. The Most Original category was neat. There was a little family dressed up The Incredibles that was super cute and another little girl was dressed up as Goldilocks and she had three siblings as the three bears. There was also a little girl as a princess and her baby brother as a frog prince. We all had a great time. It was wild at the house with 7 women running around!

And an update on the flu shots: The nurse asked the girls who wanted to go first for their shot and Makayla said, "Abi!" So, Abi hopped up on the table and asked me to hold her hand. I told her that if she would let her arm be limp, it wouldn't hurt as bad. So she did, and was smiling as soon as it was over. She never flinched. Then it was Makayla's turn. She hopped on the table and when the needle went in, her face was full of pain and concern, but as soon as she saw my face, hers melted back into a smile because she knew it was over and she had made it without crying. Then, it was Olivia's turn. She got her shot in her thigh. She was smiling and laughing until the shot went in. She cried for about 30 seconds and as soon as I stood her back up she was smiling and content. So, they were troopers and did awesome! I am so proud of my little ladies!

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