Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wild Weekend

So, Alex left on Friday to go to Mississippi for the week for work. I took Abi and KayKay to school and then took Alex by the rental car place. We then went to Gymboree in Little Rock to let Olivia check it out. She played and climbed on everything! She really seemed to enjoy it, but she is not really into the whole socializing thing yet. She likes to play with her sisters and give hugs. That's about it for now.
Alex had to leave as soon as she was done with her Gymboree class.

Saturday I took the girls to the corn maze and pumpkin patch in Mayflower. They loved it! I had to drag them to the car to leave. They rode on the tractor ride and went through the corn maze. They jumped in the moon bouncer and walked around to pet all of the animals that they had. I had to promise them that I would bring them back sometime. (Maybe next year)
And today, we went to the Discovery Museum after church. They had a ball there too. Everyone was very ready for a nap after that.
The girls miss their daddy though. There are lots of things that remind them of him throughout the day. When Teddy barks, KayKay says "Ahhhh, Daddy must be home". Lord willing, he will be home on Friday.

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