Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pondering our Future....

I have to say that I am very aware and passionate about the upcoming election. I don't recall ever caring so much. I know, that sounds terrible. That I am just now, at 24, giving a rip about who our country's leader is.
But I just have so many feeling flying through me when I read or hear a conversation about the candidates. And, I have a new reason for being interested, 3 new reasons actually. Whoever wins this will play a vital role in making or breaking us. We are in a critical time now within the U.S.
I hope that everyone is on their knees praying about what is going to happen to our nation. With that being said, I am going to stop with the politics. I'm consumed enough with it without dragging it into my blog!
The girls are doing great. Abi got her hair trimmed yesterday after school. She absolutely LOVES getting her hair done. She told the lady that cuts her hair,Beth, that she wants to be a cosmetologist when she grows up. Beth was shocked that Abi knew such a big word!
We are also going to get flu shots tomorrow. I am hoping that it goes well. I have been bracing Abi and KayKay all week that this was coming. I have bribed them frequently as well. I remember the first time that I had to take all three girls to the doctor, alone mind you. Abi and KayKay screamed like someone was killing them when they even thought a needle was going to be headed their way. If one sister was crying, the other two screamed. KayKay even kicked and hit at the nurse one time. I was mortified. But, I consoled myself by reminding myself that I had not been the one raising them up until that point. And later on, I proved it to myself. One of the last times that KayKay needed shots, she had to get four in the same day. An extra nurse came in the room for back up for "when" Makayla was going to flip out. The nurse sat KayKay in her lap and wrapped both legs around KayKay's legs and held her arms at her side. KayKay took two shots in each arm without shedding a tear. And I thought to myself, "Yes! I can do this whole parent-thing."
So, I think that tomorrow is going to go fine. My girls have grown so much. I know they can do it.
OH, by the way, when we were at the salon yesterday, Livi was a live wire. She ran around the shop jabbering and I picked her up and put her in my lap. She began to cry and I know that the women in there getting their hair done were trying to relax and didn't appreciate a screaming 20 month old (yes, she is 20 months old. Just turned on Monday. Can't believe it.). So I told her to hush and that the ladies in there didn't come there to hear her scream. She looked up into my eyes with tears in hers , pointed her little finger at me, and said, "Butt Butt." Yup, the phrase that I thought was so funny when she called her Papa Rock that, was being used appropriately towards me. That's what I get.

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