Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Work, Yuck

Alex got home from Lake Charles last night. The girls and I got dolled up and went to his office to pick up him. We all went out to OutBack for supper. The girls were very excited about that. Abi always sings "Let's go OutBack tonight, we will see you tomorrooooowwww." Lol.

We have spent most of our afternoon in the yard today.
Daddy mowed and used the weed eater.
I spent a little bit of time in the flower bed but mostly just watched the kiddos play.
Abi and KayKay drew a spot for daddy to park his car (Maxine, the Maxima) in with sidewalk chalk.

They painted, played with Teddy, played ball and frisbee, and tried to catch bugs in their bug catcher.

And then later Daddy busted out the popsicles. After the girls were finished painting, they thought Daddy needed to wash off the paint brushes with the water hose.

And Livi just goofed off. She's so silly sometimes.

So, I guess yard work wasn't so yuck this weekend after all. We all got to be together and play. We are alive and well. We are blessed.

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Alex said...

This was a good day.