Thursday, March 17, 2011

practice makes perfect

Letting Abi try to get the ball when Makayla missed it cause Makayla to get the lead out and try harder.

                                                 What an amazingly beautiful day we had!                                 
  Alex took the girls outside after work to work on some softball.
Makayla has been catching on so quickly! She seems to really be enjoying softball.
Andrew spotted us and came over. Olivia wanted to jump on the trampoline with him. All 3 of them seem to have a fascination with Andrew.
Olivia loves teasing Abi by singing "Abi and Andrew sittin' in a tree"..I think you know the rest of that rhyme.
Abi denies the relationship. :)

Andrew did his best to pick up the heavy baby to put her on the trampoline.

I began working at the clinic where I met our girls this week again. I work in mental health and work with preschool age children that have special needs. It has been a fast and tiring week to say the least. But I think we are getting in the swing of things. Olivia loves going to daycare there. She is able to stay at the clinic where I work and it has been comforting to know that I can go check on her.

               Spring is almost here! Signs of it are appearing more every day.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to pray for all those suffering and that have lost loved ones.

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Kathy said...

OK. I started @ the beginning last weekend & just finished the most recent post. Love your family!

I am so excited that you will have eyes on my favorite child on a regular basis. I have been praying for someone to watch over this child & truly believe YOU are the answer to my prayer. Now I have your name to insert into my prayers.

Hope Livi is feeling better today.