Thursday, March 3, 2011

that's what it's all about

I'm not talking about the hokey pokey.

One thing that has proven itself to Alex and I over and over again, is how important family is. We have seen so many around us go through such incredible things lately. It is sinking in more each day that we have to hold on to what we have with all of our might. And the thing we will have if we show ourselves faithful, is a life after this one. I pray that I learn to value every second of life: the good and the bad, because we never know which second will be our last.

Here are some pictures of amazing people that we value more than anything.

Coy and KayKay: he is an amazing man!

The girls (we tried to get Biscuit to pose with them but he turned his nose up)

the grill master working on some "Poppa Burgers"

Curly (Coy and Shirley) and the girls
Let me just take a moment to say that Shirley and Coy are two of the greatest people I have ever known. They are generous, kind, and SO loving. We wish they lived closer and always look forward to seeing them.

I loved this picture of Abs.
For those of you that know my cousin, this smile reminded me of Lindsey.

She was in the process of telling me something very important.
It went a little something like this: "Momma, you will get in trouble if the police catch you drinking beer and swine."

A Livi Sandwich (one of her favorite places to be)

Livi and her Poppa

We went to Newhope to visit with our family and to show our support for the Davis family. Tammy passed away and she had such an amazing turn out of people that love her and her family. It was so touching.
2011 has been so very tough so far. I know it has been difficult for so many. I find myself trying to make sure that I remember that God will never put more on us than we can bear.  For those of you going through a difficult time, know that you aren't alone. God never leaves us.

Although there was sadness all around our community that weekend, we made sure to enjoy the time we had together. We got to see a lot of family and enjoyed it so much. We stopped in at Gayle's on Friday night. Poppa grilled burgers and hot dogs for us and we had another great meal Saturday night with more wonderful people. We also got to see our Daisy church family on Sunday.
We look forward to many more great times in Newhope.

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