Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a cupcake story

a perfectly yummy sprinkled cupcake sits on the table

a curly haired little girl that loves sprinkled cupcakes comes along and ponders devouring it

and the cupcake massacre begins

the little girl spots a mommy that likes cupcakes too
the little girl doesn't believe that the mommy would take a bite of the cupcake

the mommy takes a bite

and the little girl is devastated
she doesn't like to share sprinkles

but then she gets over it

and the massacre continues until all of the sprinkled icing is gone
and only the cake remains

the end


Debalou said...

You need to write children's books. I love to read everything that you write! Oh yeah! I can be your agent!

The Hills said...

I love you Deb!!
Journalism is something that I've always kind of been interested in.