Thursday, March 31, 2011

pig play and pedi's

I took the girls to see "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" at the Children's Theatre in Little Rock during Spring Break.

I made them pose outside the theater.
They loved the play and I had the best time listening to them giggle at the pig.
Olivia and Makayla have been snorting at each other daily since then.

And then it was time for pedicures.

Olivia was too short to reach the water and she was not too happy about this.
And as you can tell from the photo above, pedicures led to "Momma, can I get my nails painted too?"

I had the best time running around with my ladies while they were out of school.

They spent the first part of the week with Grammie Retta and Papaw Truman on the chicken farm and they had a great time. But we learned that Makayla had eaten an entire bottle of Children's Tums from her travel bag and her Grammie didn't know until the next day when the girls were on their way home. The bottle had about 34 pills left in it when she ate them. Alex called poison control and they said she would be fine.
But we did our best to scare her to death about doing that though. It could have been really bad if she had picked a more potent medication to eat.
The girls then got to spend Wednesday with my Granny Gloria at home and I know they had a great time with her too.

 I think that they had a pretty great Spring Break.

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