Monday, March 7, 2011

purple cow & M&M's

I had an eye appointment in Hot Springs last week and, of course, my tag-along came with me.
I promised her that if she was a good girl, then we would go to Purple Cow.
I know that I need to lay off of the bribing, but I get to do the fun stuff too.
I see Dr. Holt at the Wallace Eye Clinic. My mom took me to him when I was in elementary school and got glasses and then contacts. I love  that he is my eye doctor. He always asks how my family is and says to tell them hello (even though they are traitors and switched optometrists) But, oh well, their loss. ;)
He's not even in our insurance network, but I refuse to see any other eye doctor. He's the best!

So, we hit up the Purple Cow and had some good food and even better purple shakes.
The Purple Cow in Hot Springs doesn't seem as busy as the one in Little Rock. It doesn't matter what time of day you go, the one in Little Rock is always hoppin'.
And today she wanted piggie braids. I can not believe how big my child is.
I remember when Abi was a little older than this and absorbed any information that you gave her. Olivia is that way now. She soaks it up and spits it back out at you later when you least expect it (or at the most mortifying times).

She has been very interested in the human body lately. She gets so tickled if she sees your belly or back hanging out. Alex texted me tonight as I was waiting at Abi's cheer practice and said that he was putting Olivia's pajama shirt on her and she said "be careful of my boobs". 
This saddened me because she has always thought they were freckles. lol.

Makayla is now finished with basketball and begins softball practice tomorrow night. She is so excited! She went with Alex on Saturday (while I was at yet another cheer competition for 6 plus hours) to pick out her softball gear. She got a pink bat and some cleats. I am excited to get to watch her too!

I heard back from Olivia's allergy appointment and she tested negative for wheat and dairy allergies. And my question to the nurse was "Now what?" because she is still breaking out in hives. She just finished a steroid, which did help. But she was breaking out again pretty bad today. I managed to get her allergy appointment moved up from April 6th to this Wednesday. I asked the nurse how they will test her since she is breaking out again and she said they could do lab work. I am hoping she doesn't mean take more blood out of my poor baby. We will see how it goes.

Please don't forget to pray for those struggling and dealing with the loss of loved ones.
There are so many going through tough times.

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