Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What A Catch!

My subject title was invented by the person that this blog entry is dedicated to today, My Husband. He claims that my happiness is due to the fact that he is "such a catch".
I just wanted to take a minute to think about how our lives have changed. When our girls came to live with us, I worked full time and had them alone for the first three weeks. Alex was travelling with his job. I continued to work full time until May 31, 2008. I quit my job so that I could be with the girls. The final straw was when Olivia was sick and I put off taking her to the doctor because I had missed a lot of work due to gaining 3 children. I finally ended up in the ER with her and she had pneumonia. That was IT! I decided that I would NEVER again let my job come before my family. So, I stayed at home until June 1st of this year. Alex was able to switch positions within his company and it has been such a blessing! I take the girls to school and Olivia to day care and Alex picks them up from school and day care.
I now work a lot of late evenings and he is ALWAYS there to do what needs to be done for the kids. He does doctors appointments, supper, baths. It is great. I am so thankful to have a partner that is so in love with his family. He never once hesitated when it came to deciding whether adding to this family was the right thing to do. He KNEW that these babies were meant to be ours.
So, thank you, Boo, for being there and for being my support. I love you.


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How sweet! Alex, you have in writing now, and lots of witnesses! This is the way family is supposed to work. I am so proud of both of you.