Sunday, September 27, 2009

A First For Us

On Saturday, September 26, I took Makayla and Abigail to their first concert. We saw Taylor Swift at the Verizon Arena in Little Rock. The girls began to get sick last week and stayed home from school all week with "flu-like symptoms". They were better by Saturday but still had a cough. They got all dressed up with their outfits and make up.

And then we had to go and be ridiculous.....

Brent went with us to the concert while Alex stayed with Olivia. Olivia is now sick as well. She seems to be doing better today though. We ate at the Purple Cow before the concert. Abi and KayKay were just as excited about a purple milkshake as they were about Taylor Swift.

The remains of a purple cow shake.

Kellie Pickler opened up for Taylor Swift.

Here she comes!!!

This part of the concert was breath taking. Everyone had glow sticks going all over the arena and the spot lights on Taylor were neat.

The concert was a really great experience. I had assumed that Abi would have a blast and KayKay would be asleep before it was over, but I was wrong! KayKay stood up and danced the entire time. When Taylor Swift flipped her hair around (which was every 30 seconds it seemed like), Makayla would too. Makayla mimicked every move that Taylor made. At one point, Makayla was on her knees with her head bent down dramatically like Taylor Swift. I eventually became embarassed and asked her to stop, lol. It was a fun time though. The girls didn't know who the opening acts were so during the middle of Kellie Pickler's second song, Abi sat with her arms crossed and said " How many more songs is she gonna sing?!" We got home after midnight and that was a first for the girls as well.

I wanted to share a picture with you that Abi drew at school. I was looking through her take home folder and came across this....

I noticed the chest area and asked Abi to explain. She said, " I was trying to look like you." Ohhhhh my. I wonder what her teacher thought.


Nanna Nette said...

Good pics! I'm glad you got to go to the concert. They will remember that forever! I'm sure Livi got spoiled by daddy, too. Abi is really observant with the drawing. I bet her teacher got a kick out of it. Thanks for updating so I can see everybody. Luv U all!

The Harper Family said...

Oh my goodness...I have tears from laughing so hard at the drawing! That is just too cute!!! Glad the girls had fun at the concert! Great memories!