Friday, September 18, 2009

The Things They Do

I received the phone call that every parent dreads in their child's public school life. I was in my supervisor's office at work around 2:30 this afternoon when my name is paged overhead with a call on line 6. I am expecting a typical call from a client or professional office, but no, it was Makayla's Kindergarten teacher.

She began to explain that something had happened with Makayla and she wanted to call and explain. My mind was panicking. I just KNEW that Makayla had done something horrible. And then she said, "Makayla cut..." and I began to panic that she had gotten hurt. But the rest of the sentence was"...her hair." I began to laugh. I was SO relieved that the only thing she had done was cut her hair. After continuing to explain, and hearing me giggle numerous times about the incident, Makayla's teacher said, "My, you're taking this well." Makayla now has bangs. She also cut her socks with scissors yesterday and her teacher sent a note home. Makayla made sure that Alex and I never saw the note and that she returned the note to her teacher. Makayla folded the note up neatly so that her teacher would think that Alex and I had seen the note and then put it in her teacher's mailbox. So, needless to say, Makayla is going to keep us on our toes.

Makayla's teacher sent the hair that she cut off home in an envelope. I will be keeping it to show her what she learned in Kindergarten. Who knows, maybe she'll be cosmotologist when she grows up.


Prayers for Ava said...

Love it!! Aubri cut her hair too, but it was b4 school started. I think they just can't resist!!

Jessica said...

haha! That is funny and a great kindergarten moment!

Gina said...

Good memories! I bet she looks cute with bangs!