Monday, September 7, 2009

Catching Up

I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to post a few things that we have been up to lately. The girls went to a birthday party last weekend at the skating rink. They had a blast!

Alex was proud to have the girls sport these Cardinal shirts.

We were able to go in and visit our family this weekend. It was nice to get away to where things are slower paced than they are here at home. The kids LOVE seeing Nana and Poppa and playing. They get excited to see Uncle Seth as well.

Todd came over to visit too! It was great to see him.

Grammie got Livia this chicken suit at a yard sale. She loves it! She cried when we take it off of her. She has been running around with just the chicken legs on because the feathers are too hot. It is hilarious.

We saw Memaw too.

Sweet girl with her Daddy.

We have enjoyed our long weekend. And Olivia began to get sick tonight, go figure. She started complaining of a headache and running a low grade fever. I was gone grocery shopping and Alex sent me a text saying that he thought she was getting sick. I had been home about an hour and she began to vomit. Great. So, I guess I will be at home with her tomorrow and taking another trip to the doctor's office. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

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The Harper Family said...

Love the pictures. The girls just get bigger every time you post a pic of them. They are growing up tooo fast! Love the chicken suit...had me laughing out loud!