Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Play Time

I feel like I am falling so far behind on my blogs! I don't want to lose track of it for too long because the girls grow and change every day.

The kiddos have been all over the place these days. Homework is getting crazy all ready. It takes a good couple of hours to work through Abi's and KayKay's but at least it is just one night a week this year.

They have found all kinds of interesting things to do to keep themselves entertained. Olivia is also more opinionated all the time. I took a different road to get to Mrs. Lisa's house yesterday morning because I had to stop for gas. After I passed the road that I usually take, Olivia grumpily said from the back seat, "I unt isa's!"

Olivia is also growing out of her clothes. She is getting so tall.

These are some cow pj's that I got Olivia a long time ago in anticipation of her growing into them. And now, she fits in them, and it makes me sad! 3T!

They enjoyed coloring this box like Pinky Dinky Doo's story box. They laughed, played, and colored in there until they busted the box open. That's the cheapest and best toy they have ever had.

I loved that they decided to put their feet together to play Candy Land.

I hope to have more frequent blogs. It has been so busy around here! I will try to do better. See you soon!


Nanna Nette said...

I love the candyland picture, too! Give them hugs and kisses for me.

The Harper Family said...

The Candyland picture is priceless!