Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gettin' Into the Fall Spirit!

Caramel Apples! Yum! ...and messy.

My mom used to buy those flat caramel rounds for us to make caramel apples when we were kids. I guess I am continuing the tradition and we made some Friday night. The girls had a really hard time eating them but it was fun.

Makayla's top two teeth have still not grown in yet, so this was quiet a challenge. I finally just cut the apples up for them.
Nana and Poppa spent a week in Branson. We got to meet them for supper Friday evening and Nana brought the girls chocolate dipped marshamallows. I know, it looks like all we do is feed our kids sugar. But the girls really liked those too.

We made these neat scary hands today. I saw an article in Cookie Magazine ( my favorite mag) on how to make them. They are full of cocoa candy corn. Now we have creepy candy  hands on our front door!

I LOVE October! We have so many things to celebrate this month. Kay Kay's birthday is October 17th and Abi's is October 19th. Alex and I have an anniversary on the 15th (5 years!) and the girls came to live with us on October 26th. We also like Halloween. We have lots of adventures planned for October and I hope we have time to fit them all in. Have a great week!

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