Tuesday, January 29, 2013

livin for the weekends

Friday is probably my favorite day of the week.
The chaos starts to slow down and it's the fresh beginning of two entire days without office work.
We typically have a RedBox movie night with TV trays or play games. Occasionally we get wild and crazy and one of us goes out while the other stays with the kids.
Last weekend was nice and relaxed. A good friend of mine had a surprise house warning shower for her new apartment. I took Makayla with me and we had the best time. She played with my coworkers kids and I enjoyed checking out her amazing home that was full of made over furniture and bright colors.
Saturday we hung out at home doing the typical weekend chores and playing with Daisy. Abi and I ran to Sherwin Williams to pick out paint for her vanity redo. We had Orange Leaf and enjoyed it just being the two of us.
We also enjoyed the many sleeping arrangements of Daisy. She naps throughout the day. We are in awe of how quickly she is growing.
You will get to see some of the vanity redo once we get closer to completing it. It's been a pretty fun project.
Hang in there- Friday is almost here. :)

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