Sunday, January 20, 2013

life with O

Olivia is such a spunky kid.
Alex reminds me frequently that this spunk, as I like to call it, comes from me.

Just a few examples:
The day that we got Daisy. We were on our long drive home and decided to pick her name as a family. Everyone gave a name and we narrowed it down to 2. We then voted and picked Daisy. Olivia had mentioned from the back of the car that she liked the name Baxter. We explained that Baxter sounded like a boy name and we had all voted on Daisy.
Several times on the way home we heard Olivia whispering to Daisy, " Hi Baxter." As if she was trying to brain wash her to respond to Baxter. Such a mess!

She is often running up to us repeatedly to tell us something very important. One night recently, she had numerous important things to tell me. After the last important thing- she skipped down the hallway and said "oh! By the way, I love you."

The latest thing is the relationship that she has with Daisy. Daisy is really into playing. Olivia gets tickled when Daisy chews her clothes, feet, hair, etc. So Daisy proceeds to growl and chew on her.
Olivia's new thing is to tell Daisy,"no ma'm" It is too funny.

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