Sunday, November 6, 2011

TS-Speak Now

We went to see Taylor Swift again this year when she came to town.

All of the girls were decked out, of course.
This was Olivia's first year to get to go to the concert.
She was a little young the first time we went.

Abi was making sure she had the perfect ear rings for the concert.

And then they practiced their "surprised"faces for when they would see TS.

They were pretty good at it.

The girls were really excited to rock out to Taylor's music live.
They LOVE her.
Makayla stood up the entire concert and swung her hair all around.
Olivia asked when Taylor was coming out about a thousand times during the opening act.
Alex got some good pictures of Taylor because she walked to a stage in the middle of the arena and we were pretty close to her.
It was about that time that Olivia fell asleep on me.
It completely blew my mind that she slept through thousands of screaming fans.

We all had a good time and made some fun memories with the girls.
They have such a passion for music and really enjoy the experience of concerts.

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