Sunday, November 6, 2011

birthday breakfast in bed

On Makayla's birthday, the girls were treated to breakfast in bed. 
They seemed to really enjoy it. There was a special birthday candle in the pancakes and Abi and Makayla both received the Happy Birthday song.

The girls have recently switched rooms. So, the spot that was once Abi's is now Makayla's and the spot that was Makayla's is now Olivia's.

I think Makayla and Abi had a pretty special birthday day. We celebrated for a week or more it seemed like!

Makayla got some Rapunzel hair and neat lip gloss on her birthday day.
Abi got the Judy Moody movie and an American Girl kit to make a special toy for her dolls.

The next posts will be about the parties that the girls had!

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