Thursday, April 21, 2011

Randi and the great play date

Olivia had her first official play date this past Wednesday.

We know Randi from church in Benton and Olivia spent some time at school with her too.
I have been getting to know Randi's family and we decided that the girls needed a play date.

I had planned on Randi coming over when I got off of work on Wednesday and as you all know, we have had some crazy storms lately. The storm on Tuesday night knocked out the power to the schools in Bauxite and school was cancelled on Wednesday. We don't really have anyone up here to help us with the girls, so I took off of work to be with them and Randi got to come over earlier to play.

We did everything.
They watched Tangled,
played with dolls,
ran around the house screaming,
played hide and go seek,
played Barbie fashion show,
ate a snack (popcorn & m&m's),
watched Bambie,
played dress up,
watched Tangled again,
put on make up,
dyed Easter eggs,
painted finger nails,
decorated Easter eggs,
and then it was time for supper and church.

The girls had the best time!

Olivia led the prayer at supper that night and said, "Dear God, thank you for letting Randi and her baby come over to play. Amen"
She prayed this again before bed.

I'm pretty sure her play date meant a lot to her.

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