Saturday, April 9, 2011

diamond divas

Celebratory hugs!

Makayla running up to say, "Momma! I won my game!"

"Go Divas!"

Our sweet little Diamond Diva! She is trying so hard to learn this softball stuff. These photos are from their second game that ended with their first win. Makayla hit the ball the first time but it was a foul. And she ran her little legs off getting to first base! And her coach explained that she wasn't supposed to run that time. The second time she was up to bat she hit it good! And stayed at home plate holding her bat and looking around while trying to figure out who everyone was yelling"RUN!!" to. The little girl on the other team that got the ball was also looking around in confusion because she wasn't sure if she should walk up to Makayla on home plate and tag her out since she didn't run. It was hysterical. Alex was a little stressed. I was laughing.

And Olivia and Abi were more concerned with not squishing the legs off of a bug they found.
Olivia ended up killing it.
And then the count down began until they could go to the concession stand to get a ring pop.

A family that we go to church with came to watch Makayla's game.
It was so kind of them to come show their support.

Thank you to the Woodruff's.

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