Saturday, April 9, 2011

fixin up

We did yard work today.
It felt like MAJOR yard work.

I forgot to take "before" pictures.
But we cleaned out every inch of the red mulch and replaced it with black.
We ran to Lowes and planted a few new plants.
We have a hard time with this spot of our flower bed because the rain from the roof pours right onto it and destroys whatever we have there.

And this is our new marshmallow tree.
We are working on coming up with a name for him.
His new home is beside the girls play house.

This is what I call my "Uncle Tim plant".
It's one of the plants that was given to us from when he passed away.
I have kept it in the house and it is getting so tall.
I'm letting it sit outside to see how well it would do if I planted in the flower bed.
It's pretty special to me.

We had a great day in the yard. We were there from the time we got up until almost time to get ready for bed. The girls played all over the yard and were tuckered out by this evening.

I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday.

I forgot to tell you about the first "old timer" comment that Alex received while we were in the yard.
The girls wanted Andrew to come over and play so Olivia ran over and asked Andrew's mom if he could come over and play. She said that he had a friend named Logan over and she would go ask them if they wanted to come over. Logan and Andrew came over and Logan had a sling shot. Alex commented to Logan about how he had one of those when he was a kid too. Logan chuckled and said, "Yeah, but this one is made out of rubber. It's probably a newer version." I could not help myself! I was laughing out loud at this comment. Alex and I both got a kick out of it. Gotta love those young un's.

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