Sunday, February 6, 2011

hunga bunga

That's what I call an icky virus that strikes our home.

*Disclaimer: This blog post may be verbally graphic. If you have a weak stomach or just don't enjoy reading the gory details, then I suggest you just move on to the next blog on your list and skip this one for today.

Abi was sick with stomach stuff last Thursday morning. So we stayed at home. Then, on Friday, she was still recuperating and the winter weather started in. School let out at 9:30 that morning and we spent Friday at home. Saturday was also difficult driving weather and KayKay's basketball game was cancelled. So we stayed home then too.

Alex was called out to Ohio around 2:30 this morning and I was wound up for another hour or two. I started watching Driving Miss Daisy until my belly hurt a little, so I turned it off and went to sleep. I tossed and turned with an achy stomach and eventually got up around 8:00. I have been sick. I have never felt so awful in my entire life (I'm sure there has been a time that was comparable.)

I thought I was going to lose it (and eventually I did. over and over.) when I had to heat up left over omelette's for the girls breakfast. The smell...ugh. Food is not my friend right now.
I have been up every few minutes and in the time between my entire body cramps. I know you don't need all of the details. But just now is the first time I have been able to sit up for long enough to do anything. The poor girls have been told to stay in their rooms and watch cartoons. I am so worried the rest of them will end up with it. And Olivia has just shown the beginning signs, although she still has plenty of energy.

My mom has offered to come up and help but I am hopeful that it will pass within 24 hours. Abi's symptoms seemed to. I texted my good friend Kyla to let her know because we usually keep little Oliver on Mondays and I thought I should give her fair warning. She is bringing by some soup for supper. I am so thankful! I just set out a bowl of goldfish and was able to peel some oranges for the poor kids. I'm treating them like cats today. :)

I pray Alex doesn't get this while he's out working those long terrible hours. I pray KayKay and Livi don't get it the way I've had it.
Little Abby is still also in my prayers every time I say them and on a much less important note, I pray that I can get to the post office to get stamps for Livi's birthday invites. (I know, a little petty. But it is important to me)

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday.

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Nanna Nette said...

I'm so sorry I can't help you! Thank God for Kyla! Glad to hear that she is bringing soup. That will take care of supper. I am praying that the worst is over and that none of the rest of you get that stupid virus!! Love you and let me know if you change your mind.