Wednesday, February 9, 2011

getting out

Let me take you back to a week ago.

Abi was sick on Thursday and then the weather got bad on Friday. We were at home both days. We stayed home that Saturday due to the weather as well. Sunday is when I got sick and we all continued to be sick on Monday. On Tuesday, we felt better. And better didn't mean 100%, but it did mean that were getting our hineys out of this house for a little bit if it was the last thing we did!

After the girls got home from school, we ran several errands and then ended our night at a foster parent association meeting here in Bryant. I had such a good time! I ran into one of Olivia's gymnastic buddy's mom in the parking lot at Target. I saw my wonderful hair dresser, Beth, in Target. And I saw tons of wonderful people that I came to know through my DHS job at the meeting that night. It felt so great to feel better and to get to be with people. I love the foster parents of this county and the staff that work with DCFS.

Alex and I are hoping to open up our home again for foster children soon. We have to complete some paperwork and training since it has been so long since we have taken children in. I feel like this is something we need to do for the children of our area. Foster parents are needed so badly in order for children to have somewhere to go when they are removed from their families. I also feel that if we are able to help those that are less fortunate, then it is our responsibility to step up to the plate. I hope that our girls learn what it is to help others and have a passion for it as well. Along the way I also hope that we all learn that life isn't always going to be easy and we must sacrifice for the greater good.

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