Wednesday, November 24, 2010

dixie stampede

We took our first family vacation with my parents this past weekend. We went to Branson, MO for our annual Dixie Stampede Christmas. Olivia and the girls had fun looking at the horses. We settled in with our whole roasted chicken, potato, soup, and other overwhelming food items while we watched the show. Olivia has been asking for Santa for a while now and had said she wanted to sit in his lap and kiss him on the cheek. She watched at the end of the show as Santa came out in a horse drawn buggy and her jaw hit the floor. She was too amazed to speak and once she came to, she began to scream, "SANTA! SANTA, I LOVE YOU!!" and waved at him. She continued to scream for him as everyone was leaving the arena and some of the women down in front saw her and got Santa's attention for her. He waved at her and blew her a kiss. This all, of course, caused me to tear up. She was so thrilled to see him and it melted my heart. I love seeing the girls amazed year after year at the Dixie Stampede.

There are more Branson posts to come, so hang tight!

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