Sunday, November 7, 2010

all talk, no pics..ok maybe 1

We have stayed pretty busy lately. The kiddos are growing like weeds and apparently thinking extra hard on funny things to say.

A couple of weeks ago Makayla was having a tough time behaving at school and at home. I sat her down at the kitchen table and we were discussing what had been going on. She doesn't like to talk much and it is like pulling teeth to get her to tell me anything. We had probably been at the table for half an hour trying to get to the bottom of why she wasn't making good choices. She finally layed her hand out on the table, looked me in the eye, and said, "Ok, Here's the deal with me..." And I totally lost my focus at the point and have no idea what she said afterwards because I was giggling on the inside with the "Alex-like phrase" that had just came out of her mouth.    We continue to struggle with figuring out Makayla's impulsive behaviors but praying that eventually she will grow out of it.

And my dear Abi. She was talking to me in the car the other day about her teacher. She said her teacher has a brother-in-law that owns a "licorice store" in Little Rock. SO glad she thinks it's a licorice store. :)

Olivia is a mess. She's opinionated, independent, and rotten. Not a good combo. But she looks so darn cute while doing it. She loves her sisters so much and counts down the hours during the day until it's time to go get them. She is good with directions and always knows which streets lead to what (but she has pretty much always been that way). We went to the Big Dam Bridge in Maumelle the other day and she asked if we were going to pick up her daddy. His office building is down the same street.

I am thankful to have a husband that is as crazy about his kids as I am. I love being able to call and tell him their latest funny moments and he gets such a kick out of it!

Ok, I scrounged up one picture for you. You know that had to be so difficult for me to do since I have my camera on these poor kids all day long. :)

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