Friday, July 30, 2010

Our First Turns Five

Ok, so she's not technically just ours, but she was our first experience with having a little one around. We pretty much kept her every other weekend. We had joint custody with her mom and aunt. :)

Leslie is 5!! Where has the time gone? I remember first meeting the little runt at Cracker Barell when she was a year old. Khennedy is big and gorgeous too.
It rained and poured during Les's party but we were okay with that. We stayed dry inside and ate some pizza! She had a Princesss and the Frog party. It was adorable.

We love you Les and we miss all the time we used to get to spend with you and Khennedy.
Happy Happy Birthday!

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Lori Harper said...

Loved getting to catch up on your blog. The girls are growing up so fast! Leslie is just a doll! Mom would always talk about how sweet she was at church.