Monday, July 12, 2010

Pancakes, a Biscuit, and Apples

All three of the girls go to Leah's Gymnastics now. Abi is on the Extreme Cheer Squad, Olivia goes to the Tiny Tumblers Gym, and Makayla is a Level 1 in the Big Gym. They all looked so cute last Thursday that I had to take some pictures. They all get excited on gym days. Me, not so much, lol. But I am glad they enjoy it and stay active.
Nana came for a visit on Friday. It was so good to see her! She helped me with the younger two girls because Abi had a pancake breakfast fundraiser at Applebee's on Saturday morning. She is raising money to pay for her competitions and outfits. We finished with the breakfast and then went to Newhope to stay with Nan and Pop. We decided to see if their apple tree had ripe apples on it. It turned into an adventure trying to get the ladder up in order to reach the bigger apples. Lots of branch shakin' was going on.

We ended up with a big bag full. I guess we will see what we can do with them!

Olivia was panting in Bicuits face. Looks like a stare-off competition to me.
Makayla is so sweet with animals.
After church we decided to have another photo shoot. But before the photo shoot, we went to church at Daisy with Nan and Memaw and had lunch at Gayle's. It's always good to see everyone at Gayle's and catch up some.
This picture turned out fuzzy but it was my favorite.

We had a good time in Newhope, as always. We missed seeing Uncle Seth though! I am thankful for where I grew up and that our girls get the opportunity to spend some time where life is a little slower and full of family and love.
Have a good week!!

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Nanna Nette said...

We enjoyed the weekend,too! Hope Livi will stay well enough to have her surgery. Beautiful pictures of my girls! Love you all and hope you have a good week.