Sunday, August 2, 2009

Party On

It has been a great weekend! Friday was kind of a mess for me, but after I got that over with, it has been great since. Saturday was Leslie's 4th birthday party. I can not believe that baby has grown up so quickly. Les was going to have a party at the water park but the weather was very uncooperative. So she had her traditional Pizza Hut party. The kids had a blast. Leslie got lots of great gifts.
My good friend, Karen, and I.

Some people really enjoyed the pizza.

We had a great time at the party. We then headed back to Bryant to Target for school supplies for Abi and KayKay. I just have to say that school supply lists have a tendency to get ridiculous! I know that this is just the beginning and things will get worse with each grade that the girls climb, but ugh!
And after school supply shopping it was time to get ready for Noah's 3rd birthday party. His party was at Jump Zone and the girls had a blast there too!

This afternoon Abi, KayKay, and I headed to Party City to look for birthday stuff. Their birthdays aren't until October but we are trying to pace our monthly money spending better this year by buying a little bit at a time. We thought one party favor in particular was humorous. You will probably be seeing this again in the future.

See ya next time!


Nanna Nette said...

Abi & KayKay look like teenagers! I can't stand it. Looks like you party animals had a great time!

Suzy said...

KayKay is just stunning in these pics. Love seeing pics of the girls.

The Hills said...

I know, Nanna. Makes me sick as well. Abi is the one, however, that is acting JUST like a teenager. ATTITUDE!
Thank you Suzy. It was so great to see you and your little girl at Addison's party. Thank you for your happiness for us all. We feel like it was meant to be.